Innovation Web Management
Brochure Site
If you currently own a business and would like to have a presence on the web, Innovation Web Management will help you get the word out. A brochure website is an online brochure of products, information and services. These types of sites typically have few pages, so it is crucial that the few pages make an impact to your customers in the shortest time possible. Innovation Web Management uses high impact imagery, moving images and even movies to make this type of statement and set your site apart from the competition.

In addition, Innovation Web Management is a leader in site structure and navigation, enabling your visitors to move around your site quickly, which is key to brochure sites.

This is our basic package that gives you up to five pages to let your customers know what you sell or what services you provide. It includes an original design.

Also called a minisite, a microsite is a separate page of a Web site that has a separate URL than its home page and is used to provide information about and/or promote something that is related to the main site. For example, a city’s website may have a link to a microsite with information about a 10k run, or a food manufacturer may create a microsite to give the user information about a holiday promotion contest. Microsites often are temporary Web sites that are removed from Web servers once the promotion is over or the information is no longer relevant.

Ecommerce is the buying and selling of products and services through the internet. Innovation Web Management’s ecommerce solutions are highly effective in enabling your business to increase sales and productivity while providing a straightforward, easy and efficient process for customers to purchase products and services off your website.

Content Management System
A CMS is a web application designed for clients who prefer to manage the content on their websites themselves. CMS enables users to quickly build, deploy and maintain content-rich sites by streamlining the web publishing process.

There is no knowledge of web design needed. By utilizing a content management system, your website design remains unchanged and the content can be updated without the need for HTML or programming knowledge. A CMS allows any user with little or no experience in web development or design, to update and maintain their own website. All you need is for the computer to be connected to the Internet, there is no need for additional software programs.

A CMS also provides a central location for clients and employees to access or update information and applications within your business or company. In return, there is increased employee productivity which means better practices in streamlined business processes.

Innovation Web Management provides our clients with the administrative tools necessary to add changes, updates and additions of new content.

Redesign/Facelift Existing Site
Recognizing that your website is outdated, static or needs a facelift is essential to compete in the ever-changing internet world. Your website is your number one opportunity to make an impression on your clients, retain those clients and generate new customers. It is no longer enough to simply have a web site, your web presence needs to engage your audience and provide a site that is both visually appealing, functional and ranks high in the search engines.

If you are thinking about adding new elements to your website such as blogs, e-commerce or u-tube videos, Innovation Web Management will create a dynamic website using state-of-the-art web 2.0 technology.

We will analyze, assess and discuss your website objectives and provide you a strategic plan that will ensure the look and feel of your site is consistent with your overall corporate branding initiative.

Application Modules
Innovation Web Management can install off-the-shelf application modules to your web site such as a calendar, blog, forum or a photo gallery.